Casual Friday: My Essentials

Casual Friday: My Essentials

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I have always been interested in collecting and combining wardrobe essentials. I love to mix new with old, fine vintage lace or vintage jewelry with jeans or leather goods. It is important for me to have some clothes or accessories in the closet, which never go out of fashion. In order to withstand time, those pieces have to be of premium quality; I don’t always have the budget for clothes, but when I do, I prefer to buy a very qualitative single item, rather than spending money on several cheap ones.

For instance, I always buy leather shoes or handbags…and I NEVER buy fakes.

On the other hand, I treat all my pieces with respect :)…It’s important to ALWAYS look flawless!

In today’s post I shall show you how I’ve combined some new, old and vintage pieces, in order to create outfits for any time of the day: something casual for a shopping day; a variation between casual and elegant for going out at a restaurant or even for a day at the office- for people who can afford a more relaxed attire; the office outfit and a sexy combination for a night out in the city.

Therefore, my essentials are:

  1. A dark jacket (I opted for one from h&m because I love the cutting, the details are perfect, it has good quality fabric and the price is attractive: about 30€ – part of the new collection);

  2. The leather jacket- really good quality leather (6 years old and looking flawless; Zara: about 200€);

  3. A white shirt (mine is about 7 years old and is still looking immaculate; Zara: about 50-60€ );

  4. A pair of quality jeans (BSB, 7 years old, about 100€);

  5. A shopper bag of quality leather (Musette, 2 years old, about 110€);

  6. A leather purse (Zara, 6 years old, about 100€);

  7. A pair of leather flat shoes (Massimo Dutti, 1 year old, about 100€);

  8. A pair of high quality stilettos (the shoe tree of a luxury brand shoe cannot be compared with anything else…not to mention the model and finishing details; Marc Jacobs, 5 years old, about 300€).

You can also see a gray shirt which is a new purchase as well (h&m, about 30 €- part of the new collection); I like the idea of mixing something sport casual with something elegant. The scarf- which is actually a part of a Romanian folk costume- is made of lace and is 50 years old…absolutely superb. The jewelry is also vintage.

What do you think about my outfit variations? Which are your essentials?

Casual Friday - Essentials 1        Casual Friday - Essentials 2

Casual Friday - Essentials - Musette        Casual Friday - Essentials - h&m

Casual Friday - Essentials - Massimo Dutti

Casual Friday - Essentials - h&m

Casual Friday - Essentials 3        Casual Friday - Essentials 4

Casual Friday - Essentials - Zara

Casual Friday - Essentials - Marc Jacobs & Zara


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  1. Gânța Anamaria  mai 3, 2014

    Esti superba♥♥♥♡♡♡♡

  2. Anna  mai 3, 2014

    Ma bucur ca ai introdus si tema asta in blog. Mi-a placut intotdeauna cum te imbraci si ar fi fost pacat sa nu scrii si despre asta. Astept si viitoare postari pe aceeasi tema. 🙂

  3. Cosmeticopedia
    Cosmeticopedia  mai 3, 2014

    Multumesc draga mea, Anna! Am fost si inca sunt nesigura, insa e fun sa faci asa un articol! Te pup!

  4. Cosmeticopedia
    Cosmeticopedia  mai 3, 2014

    Multumesc, Anamaria!

  5. Cristina Barbieru  mai 6, 2014

    Imi place mult outfitul tau ! Iti sta foarte bine ,imi place si cum ai accesorizat-o !! Big like de la mine ! Pupici ! :*

  6. Cosmeticopedia
    Cosmeticopedia  mai 6, 2014

    Multumesc, Cristina! Ma bucur ca iti place! Pup